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Why does the internet need another writing blog?

First of all, this website is much more than another writing blog. This is where all of our books will be presented when they’re completed, it is where we will give things away quite frequently, it is where we will interview great writers and where we’ll review a lot of books on the market already.

How’s that for not answering the question?

Okay, so this blog will also be about writing. I do indeed believe that is a good thing, and I will briefly explain.

Every Story Is Unique 

There are no rules when it comes to being a writer. In the modern world of independent websites and self publishing, it’s more possible than ever to get your stuff out to the public for them to read. This occasionally has a less than desirable outcome, but for the most part it’s positively glorious.

The world has more access to great writing now, than ever before. What is most interesting to me, is that each author carries something unique around with them. Whether it’s their personal story of how they became a writer, or their actual manuscripts, the variety is vast. The variety is also captivating.

I love to read the stories of how an author found writing. What do their processes consists of, do they create detailed outlines or just write and figure it out later? How do they research, do they go out and actually try some of the things they’re writing about? How long does it take for them to write, what do they read, how do they create characters? The list would go for another thousand miles if I allowed it.

These are the real things out of which so many unreal things spring forth.

Opinions are interesting to me, comparisons are interesting, as are criticisms and compliments. It’s all unique and it will all be found on this website. We will explore the world of writing, and more importantly, writers. We will look at books, not to nit pick their use of unoriginal dialogue, but to travel into their stories.

The magic of an author’s words are often found beyond the grammar and paragraph structure, and we will strive to look into the actual stories to see if there’s something there that will move the reader. A great story does not always  require ten different perspectives and nine novels to tell. Sometimes it is just one great character, a few of her friends, and an epic journey through colorful and vivid worlds that we cannot see any other way. Simple stories sometimes strike the truest cord inside of readers, and those are what we’ll try to bring to life on this website.

That’s not to say that writing properly isn’t important or that complex stories aren’t incredible, just that there are a multitude of blogs and resources out there who already give them their due. This particular site will attempt to dive into the personal side of authorship, and discover processes and tips which may help aspiring writers.

Follow EJ Allen on Twitter here, and stay tuned to this blog as we keep you up to date on we’re doing. We’ll have huge giveaways to celebrate every release, and contests to win other great books as well! Until then, happy reading and writing!

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