Are Writers Educated?

I’m always interested in the journey of fellow writers. How they arrived at the place they find themselves now, and what lessons we can all learn from their experiences. One of the big questions I had was whether or not most writers had actually studied the art in any formal way.

Off to Twitter!

As with most existential quandaries that arise in my mind, I rushed to Twitter to find an answer. Actually, I find most of Twitter a vapid place, full of keyboard bullies and heroes spouting a lot of stuff I have to block. HOWEVER, writing Twitter is great!

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The writers on Twitter are a very supportive bunch, and they offer amazing advice. Often we can just learn from another writer’s experience, or at least discover we’re not alone in our struggles.

So, I put the question out and received 1,128 responses!

How cool is it, that out of this many writers, over half have no formal training? I fit into that category myself, outside of a few English classes throughout my schooling. I still think the best education we can receive is to read a wide variety of stories and genres, and by practicing as often as we can.

If you don’t have a diploma or degree in writing or literature, take heart! If you do, then you’re a step ahead of most writers out there which should give you great encouragement as well.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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