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How To Write The First Draft

Ready, Set, Get Going! The first piece of advice I have is to just start writing! Your plans, your outlines, your visions for your future novel, will never be perfect. An author will rarely be fully ready to begin writing the first draft, and there isn’t ever a perfect time or place to do it. […]

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3 Steps to Becoming a Writer

Becoming a great writer, in 3 steps #1: Start Writing Shouldn’t ‘come up with a great idea’ be here? Surely, ‘write a great outline’ should be number one. I completely disagree. In fact, one of the reasons that many people never become writers is because they think they have to have those things done before they begin. […]

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EJ Allen’s Writing Blog

Why does the internet need another writing blog? First of all, this website is much more than another writing blog. This is where all of our books will be presented when they’re completed, it is where we will give things away quite frequently, it is where we will interview great writers and where we’ll review […]

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